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  • I received my grinder on Monday. WOW! I am not an impulse buyer, I do my homework before any purchase. I was getting to my final pick when I found your product. You captured all of the best of the best. Then you added your expertise, quite obvious. The proof of what I am describing shown 10 X when I opened the box and saw the effort you put in protecting your product for shipping. Your focus on detail is "OVER THE TOP!  I couldn't have ask for better customer service. Good Luck on future sales.     DS   

  • This machine we got from Don is a solid, functional machine. We got ours several months ago, and I must say, it completely surpassed and exceeded our expectations! We already knew that it was extremely innovative and highly functional, but we had not even scratched the surface with all of the features it had in the beginning. After using the machine for several months, we have come to realize, that it's functionality is WAY BEYOND anything else we have seen or used! Awesome job Don!!! RR

  •  If you like precision well crafted equipment shop here. If you want equipment that's in a plane that no others come close to, shop here. No reason to really look at others just look and you will see. I have metal cutting bandsaw, welder, mill, drill press would have spent more money making one than I paid. CK

  •  You will not find a better machine than these. These are by far the best. Not only are the grinders top of the line but so is the customer service. No other company offers this level of quality, attachments and customer service for this price point. Plus, they have videos to aid in the setup and plans/diagrams for a work table that is a very easy build. I never write reviews so I hope that shows how much I recommend Reeder Products. CC

  •  Making beautiful knives with your wonderful machine! SH

  •  Hey guys .  Id like to express my thanks for the fast delivery of your superior product and like you to know that I love it . Also thanks for the help with my wireing issue.  Everything works flawlessly .  SM 

  • Thank you for offering a great product. HN

  •  This is a very nice piece of equipment and I’m a Mechanical Engineer so that is a compliment, your customer service is the very best I’ve experienced on the Web. KV